Top 5 Javascript highlighter Scripts 2019 Premium & Free Scripts Download

Want a javascript highlighter script which is related to your development. If you are a developer and a company owner and want to get top script. Then here we will provide you top rated script which will be best suitable to your website or web application. You can also check javascript highlighter scripts demo from the below links or javascript highlighter free scripts download

1. Code-Donkey Code Multi-Highlighter HTML PHP JS CSS - 2018

In the javascript highlighter script it comes in 1 position according to rating and popularity. If you want similar script to Code template then check the JavaScript. We here also provide you Code javascript highlighter free script for download.

Display highlighted HTML/PHP/JS/CSS code on your website ..or in your html documentation Multi-highlighting of mixed html/css/javascript/php code Simple to apply, only few tags needed Inline code highlighting in text sections Easy to install Pardons typos. Pure Javascript Lightweight (9KB minified) View the Code-Donkey Demo Page for Purpose, Examples, Usage, Options, Support. Code-Donkey is a new product as of May 2018.